JAMES DRURY, the one true ‘Virginian’ by whom all others are measured, is the star of the first 90-minute color western TV series, ‘The Virginian’, which aired from 1962-1971. ‘The Virginian’ is the third longest running western series in the history of television. The television series was adapted from the 1902 Owen Wister western novel, “The Virginian, A Horseman of the Plains”. Like the novel, the lead character was never given a name other than the Virginian. James Drury used that to his advantage in creating a mysterious air surrounding the Shiloh ranch foreman. “Nobody knows the name of my character,” James Drury says, “not even me.”

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“Billy and the Bandit” ~ New Family Western Series Pilot starring James Drury, Gary Clarke, Roberta Shore, Buck Taylor and Jordan Elsass as Billy.

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