Sunday, 03 November, 2013 18:30

Message for All Virginian Friends and Fans Straight From Mr. James Drury

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For all the fans of “The Virginian” television series, for all the “Friends of the Virginian,” for all “Virginian Posse” members worldwide and for all other interested parties.

I first want to thank you all for a wonderful 2013. I drove 10,000 miles this last summer and visited with thousands of you from Mandan, North Dakota to Memphis, Tennessee. Your good wishes were heartwarming, inspiring and encouraging. It seems that the more I strive to encourage and inspire you the more those feelings are returned.

My good friend Richard Farnsworth used to say that the period of history when all traditional western films and television series took place was our American Camelot. A mythical time that we can all look to for encouragement and inspiration and for the triumph of good over evil. He was right. As I have traveled the country over the years I have found that people everywhere grasp this concept and make it their own. And so I will continue to bring this message to people as long as I am able as I consider it truly worthwhile.

Recently it has come to my attention that a woman named Victoria Thompson or Victoria Snoody Thompson has been lying about me and my wife on the internet. The only thing she has said about me that is true is that I am foul mouthed. Anyone who knows me will attest to that. I am extremely foul mouthed. I try very hard not to be foul mouthed in front of the public and I am generally successful.

For this element of my personality I apologize.

Everything else this woman says about me on the internet is a lie.

Now she has started lying about my wife, whom she has never laid eyes on, and I find this extremely offensive. She has had, in her lifetime, one five minute telephone conversation with my wife in which her only comment was to congratulate her on her manicure which she had seen in a picture. She comments on my wife’s state of mind of which she knows absolutely nothing.

She has contrived a series of lies about me that are designed to question my character, my ethics and my goodwill. She is a classic cyber bully.

I implore all of you to look upon everything she says about me, my family, my friends and my intentions as the garbage that it is.

She is a pathetic person who lies about me and knows nothing about me. She represents herself as an insider and the only thing she is inside is her own vicious twisted mind. She is a liar. Remember, if you meet her in person, to watch her lips – if they are moving – she’s lying.

With my Best Wishes

James Drury

Houston, Texas
October 2013